Sellafield Ltd names CFM Radio's Cash for Kids as its charity of the year in West Cumbria

Sellafield Ltd is proud to announce that CFM Radio's Cash for Kids has been selected as its charity of the year for the 2013/14 financial year.

This means staff at the site will focus fund raising efforts on Cash for Kids over the next 12 months – with money raised guaranteed to be spent in CFM's broadcast area of Cumbria and South West Scotland.

Each year Cash for Kids provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children, by providing thousands of pounds for grants to children's charities throughout the CFM transmission area.

Cath Ellington, regional managing director for Bauer Group, which owns CFM, said: "We are delighted that Sellafield Ltd has chosen us as the charity they'd like to support in Cumbria this year."

"All the money we generate is raised locally and spent locally – it goes to children and young people throughout the CFM area, with mental, physical or sensory disabilities, with behavioral or psychological disorders, living in poverty or situations of deprivation, suffering through distress, abuse or neglect."

"It is fantastic that one of the region's biggest employers is prepared to get on board and help us achieve our goals – because the more money we can raise the more money Cash for Kids is able to grant to help local children."

Rory O'Neill, Sellafield Ltd's Stakeholder Relations Director, said: "Sellafield is the backbone of the local community inWest Cumbria. We have over 10,000 staff directly employed by us and many, many more local jobs dependant on the site's successful operation.

"As such an integral part of the local community we recognise the need to help others, and Cash for Kids is a fantastic charity which does great work at a local level."

"I'm genuinely thrilled that we are going to be working with them over the next 12 months and hope that, in partnership, we can raise thousands upon thousands of pounds to help children in Cumbria."

CFM presenter Robbie Dee added: "I have so many callers and listeners fromWest Cumbriawho either work at Sellafield or who have families that do – I'm delighted that our charity and the company are going to be working in partnership over the next 12 months."

Sellafield Ltd will make a corporate donation to Cash for Kids and staff involved in a range of charitable activities over the year will be encouraged to do so in support for the charity. In previous years such activities have included sky diving, fun runs and sponsored cycle rides.